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We work with a diverse range of people who all love our classes and studios. See what they have to say about us here.


“Hi Ismini – just wanted to let you know I’ve just bought a couple of pairs of 32 inch waist trousers, all of my current 36 inch pairs are way too big now – a lot of that is down to you and your (online) classes .Thanks a lot”


“I started going to Ismini’s Pilates classes after suffering from chronic back pain for more than 6 months. When I first started I wasn’t able to move very easily and had lots of aches. Ismini was great at building my confidence to use my back more freely and build my strength and flexibility, which has made a huge difference. The classes are fun, friendly and interactive and now I’m a Pilates convert!”


“I absolutely love my classes at Ismini Phillip’s Studios. After 18 months of Pilates and Booty Barre I am stronger and fitter with fewer aches and pains. Attending the same small class every week has meant I can really progress and I enjoy exercising in a big dedicated studio space. Ismini is a great teacher who adjusts the exercises depending on the needs of the individual clients. Her classes are also great fun.”


“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in March 2018 and after my surgery I wanted to regain my mobility and flexibility as soon as possible. I signed up for the Pink Ribbon Program with Ismini and it really was a big part of my recovery. As well as helping with gaining strength and improving my range of movement it gave me something to focus on during a very difficult time (you have to do the exercises every day to get the maximum improvement). It is not difficult nor do you work outside your comfort zone. Ismini understands how worried you can feel about starting exercise during treatment and encourages you to work within your comfort zone and maybe helps you realise you can actually do more than you think! I would highly recommend.”


I have been doing private tuition Pilates with Ismini for about 6 years and went to her because one of her specialisations was working with clients who had back problems. I have low grade spondylolisthesis and since working with Ismini, my back has definitely felt easier and stronger. I have also definitely become much more flexible.”

Private Pilates client

I got very emotional when I got back home from seeing you yesterday. I never thought I’d be totally pain free again and I am. I have been in pain for nearly 9 months, and was immobile for 2 of those. Last night I was able to sit on the floor to play with my son and I got out of bed numerous times in the night pain free. I cannot thank you enough. I’ve been very conscious about how I’ve been standing today and so far I have no discomfort whatsoever. Thank you.


I have been suffering with lower back, hip pain and sciatica on my right side for a couple of years and despite regular exercise and visits to chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths, my situation appeared to be deteriorating. I had reached the stage where walking was particularly painful and the discomfort was impacting my quality of life. However following a change of instruction to Pilates classes with Ismini and new techniques she has introduced I discovered after two sessions that for the first time for over a year I felt relief and I was not walking with a pronounced limp. Buoyed by the vast and rapid improvement I have started a series of personal sessions with Ismini and the techniques she uses, plus hands on alignment have continued to improve my posture, strengthen my weak muscles and reduce the pain. I have benefited enormously from working with Ismini and can enjoy my normal activities again.

bootybarre client

Thought I’d let you know how beneficial bootybarre has been for me. Before joining I was quite self conscious about exercising in front of people (you know how red I get haha). However, my lessons with you have been so rewarding and have boosted my confidence so much. Despite being one of the youngest, I feel so inspired being surrounded by such strong and motivated women and it has taught me a lot.

Thanks for allowing me to continue bootybarre when I come home, despite being at uni most of the time! I’ve joined a society this year called Korfball which is a mixed sport like a combination of netball and basketball and I’m having loads of fun. I definitely would say that bootybarre has allowed me to play with way more confidence too, so thank you for that.

bootybarre client

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me at my first bootybarre class last night. I loved it! I know it will take a few weeks for me to get used to it, but my knee felt great yesterday evening after you showed me the right way to bend and stretch my leg. In fact, walking today has been less painful too, so I am very pleased!

I will look forward to coming back next week and will definitely buy a pair of those socks! Many thanks again.

Pilates client

I started Pilates with Ismini about 18 months ago as my mother had recommended it to me having been practising Pilates for over 20 years.

As a keen sportsman playing lots of sports all of my life it was apparent with the injuries that I was picking up that I needed to look after my body. I developed back and knee pain through a lot of cycling during my twenties and having played competitive tennis since I was very young, I had a mixture of strong and weak muscles that needed addressing.

After only a few sessions I began to feel the difference. I had developed a variety of functional issues; weak hamstrings, tight quads, overactive hip flexors to name a few, and slowly but surely, with the aid of a reformer and chair, I was able to begin firing the correct muscular patterns. Ismini put me through numerous exercise that were really helping. Exercises like the cat and roll downs were used to lengthen my lower back, a particularly weak area for me.

I can’t recommend Ismini enough to improve your posture, functional muscular patterns and wellbeing. I have been able to continue playing a high level of tennis and regularly get out and ride my bike. I know that I will continue practising Pilates for many years to come.

Pilates and bootybarre client

Back in September 2014 I started suffering from awful sciatica with bad pain in my hip and shooting pains down my leg. I was barely able to sit down, had to eat standing up, lie on the floor during the evening and take constant painkillers, even during the night. I’d taken one of Ismini’s pilates classes before and knew that she specialised in back care. I called Ismini in desperation and she came to my house for a couple of one to one sessions. At first, I struggled to lift my affected leg more than a few inches off the floor and my back was totally inflexible. Ismini gave me a number of exercises to do at home and advised that I did three Pilates classes a week to get me moving again.

A scan revealed that I had a large prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine but Ismini knew exactly what would help. She was encouraging and reassuring and every week she would manage to stretch my leg slightly higher off the floor and get more movement in my spine. Over a period of three months, my sciatica slowly but surely improved and I would really look forward to my sessions. As well as knowing that I would benefit from the classes, Ismini’s positivity and humour meant the classes were really enjoyable and good fun.

Now, 9 months later I feel the strongest and fittest I’ve felt. A few months ago, I started one of Ismini’s bootybarre sessions along with the Pilates and I’ve surprised myself with what I can achieve. I can now raise my leg up on to a ballet barre which is a far cry from the few inches off the floor I could manage last September. “

Pilates and Pilates Plus client

I’ve struggled in the past to find exercise classes that suited me. But following a health scare I wanted to find a class that I felt comfortable with, that built my confidence and had health benefits. I am so happy I came across Ismini’s studio. After starting Pilates and building my stamina I wanted to try something more intense. Pilates Plus does this and complements my Pilates class perfectly, and I always come away feeling I’ve worked hard. Both Ismini and her team of teachers are incredibly supportive and encouraging throughout their classes.”

Pilates and bootybarre client

I find you are better at going around and correcting people. Your sessions are more varied and feel more organic – many other teachers’ Pilates sessions can feel a bit like a checklist of 10 reps of different exercises. I get bored in those! But probably it is mainly results – I have felt the difference in my balance and core strength with your classes, so I am loathed to change.


This time last year running for a bus or train was painful. Yesterday my daughter’s school had their sports day and I took part in the mums’ 100 meters race…. I came 2nd! Ok, I’m going to lay down now as my body feels like I’ve just done one of your classes but I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

bootybarre and Pilates client

I almost didn’t come to bootybarre actually, as I had a 3 hour law exam the next morning and thought I needed some extra prep. I can honestly say I don’t think I would have slept that night without your class… And I believe it’s the reason I went into the exam with a clear head so thank you, you were brilliant and as unfit as I am, I’m finding I’m looking forward to days with classes. Thank you!

Pilates client

A few years ago, I began to suffer from back pain. Eventually, my search for cure led me to discover Pilates, so I joined a Pilates class with Ismini. I was pregnant at the time and found that it was a great way to release tense muscles, work on my core and posture, release stress and prepare my pelvic floor muscles for the upcoming birth. I was given specific exercises that were suitable and safe during pregnancy. Ismini and her team of qualified teachers are exceptionally knowledgeable. When I returned to Pilates postnatally, I was given modified exercises to do until I regained my strength and could challenge myself once more. I found this helped with my postnatal recovery by building my core strength, relieving back pain, correcting my posture and building strength in all muscles throughout the body. The classes are small and the teachers walk around to make sure everyone has the correct alignment and is performing the exercises as they should. I have had significant improvement with my back and have learned to manage my symptoms when it is not so well. I am more aware of my posture, my core is stronger and the classes help me release stress and tension, which I find is a major trigger for the pain. Ismini’s classes are friendly, varied, energising and fun, so I never get bored. We use different props too, a really great way to exercise and release different parts of the body. I would strongly recommend Ismini’s Pilates classes for pregnant ladies during their pregnancy, for postnatal recovery and for anyone else really, as there are many different classes to choose from that can suit anyone’s needs.


I went to ante and postnatal Pilates both throughout my pregnancy and then after I had my baby. It kept me focused, alleviated any backache and helped me to get my core strength back after having the baby. Ismini has a thorough and safe approach and keeps an eye on you throughout.

Beverley Wilson

“After surgery and treatment for breast cancer I was lacking in confidence with reduced mobility of the affected arm due to lymph node clearance. Returning to Pilates classes not only regained my confidence with the use of my arm, but it has been a physical and emotional release too. The exercises are so important to keep the lymph moving correctly and it makes me feel in control again. Pilates has played a major part in my rehabilitation and recovery.”