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Let us introduce ourselves: we are the Ismini Phillips Studios team, here to help you achieve fitness and wellbeing. We look forward to meeting you in one of our classes soon.

Ismini Phillips Studios - Evie Poaros


Marketing and Events & Guest Teacher

I am a guest teacher at Ismini Phillips Studios, and I am also responsible for the studio’s marketing and taking care of events.

I love my work at the studio and I enjoy seeing people develop physically, emotionally and mentally as they progress with their classes and activities. I really believe that movement can help with mental health and throughout my career, I have seen people becoming aware of those mental changes, as well as enjoying the physical benefits of activity.

When I’m not working and teaching at the studio, I am a professional dancer based in the UK and Germany. I have a BA degree in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Ballet. I continue to study, and I will receive an MSc in Psychology at the end of September 2019.

I am a naturally chatty and bubbly person, something that I always bring into my classes. I love the social element of working at Ismini Philips Studios, so if you see me around, let’s grab a coffee and have a chat!

Ismini Philips Studios Emilia


Pilates Teacher

I started teaching group mat Pilates classes at Ismini Philips Studios after the studio re-opened just after the last lockdown on 17th May. I live in Orpington. I’m Level 3 Body Control Mat Pilates Pilates Teacher and am BackCare qualified. I started this industry by attending my local Pilates classes with Ismini to improve my posture and help my frequent back pains. Pilates changed the way I felt – living with balance and wellness and the astonishing results inspired me to train professionally. I believe that our body is a powerful tool which can heal itself with the help of nutrition, movement and mindfulness. I always try to spread this message to others to benefit from it.

I love working with our clients, being able to enhance people’s lives and make them feel better.

Out of the studio I enjoy hiking, walking my dog, running and reading. In the evening depending how much time I have left in the day, I like preparing quick but healthy meals, reading, gardening and relaxing to allow my mind to fully switch off by bedtime.

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