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More than 80% of the adult population in Britain experiences back pain. This is one of the most common reasons for people taking time off work, often causing anxiety and distress alongside the pain itself. If this is sounding all too familiar, then the Back4Good Pilates programme could be the answer.


What is the
Back4Good programme?

The Back4Good programme is specifically made for people experiencing back pain. It is designed to work on the muscles in the back, as well as to build core strength, so that the back is better supported. It is open to anyone who experiences any kind of back pain.

  • Our studio founder Ismini is a qualified Back4Good practitioner. This means she has earned her Body Control Pilates Level 4 Low Back Pain certification, so she can advise on the prevention and management of back pain.
  • Doctors recommend Back4Good. It follows guidelines set out by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, so doctors are well aware of its benefits. Please note, we do not have NHS funding – all classes are private.
  • The programme works to ease back pain and prevent it from re-occurring. The class equips you with exercises you can carry out on an ongoing basis to maintain and build on the core strength and flexibility you develop in class.
  • Back4Good can lead on to our general Pilates classes. Many people want to continue with Pilates once they have completed the programme. You will be very welcome in our classes, which cater for all different abilities.

The benefits of the Back4Good programme

  • Helps prevent back pain. As you strengthen your body and core to give your back more support, you will be helping prevent future back problems.
  • Allows you to manage existing back pain. Learn exercises to help alleviate back pain, loosening your muscles and stretching your body in a way that feels good for you.
  • Builds strength. Pilates will strengthen your body so that you’re not putting strain on your back and you’re using your muscles as they should be used.
  • Offers relaxation. Back pain can have negative mental effects as well. Pilates helps you to relax and distance yourself from that pain, giving mental respite from associated stress.
  • Gives you skills you can use forever. Keep practising the exercises you learn in class to continue helping your body and restore your back to its original condition.



Speak to Ismini to discuss your requirements and find the best class for your needs.

We’re based within various locations in Tonbridge, Kent. Contact us by simply filling out the form below or by calling 07711 906750 and 07399 303480, alternatively email


What is it like taking the Back4Good programme with us?

Ismini is a qualified Back4Good practitioner and has also completed further training on low back pain. She has a thorough understanding of musculature, anatomy, and bone structure, so she will be able to help you find the root cause of your back pain and work to prevent it.

Our classes are:

  • Tailored. We can adapt exercises to suit everyone and make sure you benefit personally.
  • Inclusive. Anyone can come along to these classes – if you’re experiencing back pain, we can help.
  • Beneficial. Attendees notice real results as they go through the course and back pain begins to subside.

Booking onto the Back4Good course

Please enquire about the Back4Good course. We run these courses regularly and can advise on the next start date. A one to one assessment is required before joining the Back4Good programme.

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