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Q: Is it safe to attend Studio Classes?

A: Yes, we are confident that we can maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone. We have carried out risk assessments and have social distancing measures in place in line with Government guidelines. We are also enhancing our cleaning measures before and after each class by utilising both Studios Two and Three. We are unique in that, unlike shops, cafes, or many other establishments now opening, we constantly know who is in and has been on our premises. In the unlikely event that we get news of a COVID19 case, we can work with the NHS Test and Trace system.

Q: What safety measures are you taking?

A: We are asking both clients and staff to act responsibly and play their part in achieving our safety goals.

We encourage regular hand-washing and use of hand sanitiser; sanitising stations are set up in the downstairs lobby, at reception and outside Studio 2 and Studio 3 for your use before and after class.

All equipment and machinery will be disinfected before and after use with specialist disinfectant for fitness and Pilates equipment.

No bare feet will be allowed in the Studios – you will be required to wear full socks in all classes. We also ask that you arrive ready dressed to reduce the use of the changing rooms.

We have an integrated ventilation system as required by Building Control to ensure that fresh air is brought into the Studios and stale air is extracted  – this is fully compliant with the requirements of the current situation we find ourselves in. Our air conditioning units are compatible with our ventilation and may be safely used on a low fan setting as per current guidelines.

Q: What social distancing measures are in place?

A: In-Studio class sizes have been reduced and the floor is marked out with tape for you to place your mat. These have been spaced out 2 metres apart and you must stay within your designated area as much as possible.

The barre has been marked out for bootybarre so that each client can remain in their own area – the floor work section should utilise the space marked out for the Pilates classes.

First in the class need to go to the far end of the room to avoid any congregating at the door.

The reception area is fitted with sneeze guards and the floor is marked with social distancing tape. If you need to speak with reception please call in advance so that we can ensure that social distancing is maintained.

We are currently only allowing one person in the toilet/changing room at any time.

Our class timetable has been adjusted slightly to ensure adequate time is given for safe exit and entry for the next class. We do not have a one way system in place, however if everyone complies there should be no congestion in the stairway or lobby.

Q: Are classes still running on Zoom?

A: Most of our classes will still be running on Zoom, with half in-Studio and half at home. With our smaller classes of less than 7 people we will not be streaming them and expect everyone in those classes to come into the Studios. If you are in one of those classes but are unable to come in, we may ask you to switch to another class that is streaming for the time being.

Studio Two will be limited to a maximum of 7 clients, plus the teacher.

Studio Three will be limited to a maximum of 6 clients, plus the teacher.

If coming to the Studios, we recommend you bring your own mat, head cushion, yoga block, soft ball, spiky balls and hand weights to reduce handling studio equipment. We have the equipment for sale at the Studio which can be ordered in as per individual requirements. If you are continuing classes at home, we recommend getting some of this equipment to vary your exercise – we can arrange a quiet time to pick up any orders.

Q: What happens when I arrive at Ismini Studios?

A: To enter the Studios you will need to buzz in to reception and then use hand sanitiser on arrival which is in the downstairs lobby.

Once upstairs you will be asked to leave your shoes under the bench in reception to minimise the use of the changing rooms.

Please use hand sanitiser or wash your hands before entering the Studios for your class. Enter promptly and move to the far end of the room if you are first in.

We recommend bringing your own mat and using your own small equipment to avoid over handling the studio equipment. We will be charging a “hire” fee for use of our equipment to take account of extra cleaning and disinfecting that will need to be carried out.

Those nearest the door will be asked to leave promptly to ensure social distancing can be maintained. Please be patient with other members of your class as you exit.

Please take comfort breaks before the class starts to minimise disruption and to ensure social distancing measures are maintained.

If you need to speak to your teacher please make an appointment with reception in advance of arrival as there will be limited time before and after class.  Otherwise please email us at and we will answer your query as quickly as we can.

On your way out you will need to press the green button by the door to release the door lock – please make sure the door is shut behind you.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask or gloves?

A: Face masks are most effective when it is not possible to maintain social distancing and you may wish to wear one around the reception area. The World Health Organization says that face masks should not be used whilst exercising as they may reduce your ability to breathe properly. Sweat can also make the mask become wet more quickly, making it more difficult to breath and promoting the growth of microorganisms.

Gloves are considered less hygienic than frequent hand washing and use of sanitiser and therefore are not recommended for exercise.

Q: Have the Studios been deep cleaned?

A: Our Studios have been regularly cleaned throughout lockdown and have been deep cleaned prior to opening. They will continue to be thoroughly cleaned as always to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. We will also be disinfecting surfaces between classes as much as possible.

Q: When will restrictions be lifted?

A: Restrictions will only be lifted if Government guidelines allow us to do so.

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