Comfort. There are many definitions of the word “comfort” in the English dictionary, but have you ever thought about what you sense as comfort? Is it the environment around you? Is it how you feel emotionally? Is it related to your financial wealth?

What about sensing comfort? Does this relate to how you feel in your own self? Do you always relate it to what you’re sitting on, what you’re lying on? Does a soft surface always depict comfort and does a hard surface always depict discomfort?

When you are lying on a hard floor, have you thought about how that feels? Do you immediately go to your habitual thought of “Oh this is so uncomfortable, it hurts my back, it hurts my shoulders etc?” What if you lay on the same floor, felt those discomforts, but changed your thought process?

Could you allow yourself to sink into the floor and allow the floor to receive you? What would that feel like? What parts of you do you feel in contact with the floor? Is it the same on both sides—left, and right? Are you aware of how your heels are touching the floor? Can you feel the same part of your heel on both feet or can you feel more on one foot than the other?

What if you broke down each part of you and sensed what is touching the floor and what is not? Were you aware that certain areas don’t touch the floor? Shouldn’t touch the floor? Like your lumbar spine and cervical (neck) spine. These parts of your body shouldn’t be in contact with the floor as the spine has natural curves that would still be present when laying on the floor with the legs long. What if you laid like this on the floor—legs long, arms by your side—what does that feel like? Is it comfortable or uncomfortable? Could it become comfortable over time? Would it help ease those aches and pains if you could transfer your thoughts to an area in yourself that feels comfortable? What if you turned your legs out and bent the knees slightly? Would this feel more comfortable? After all, babies lay like this, don’t they? Why not try this and let me know how it feels?

Understanding our thought processes and being aware of our habits allows us to change. If you always assume that a position is uncomfortable or you will feel pain, you are conditioning your thoughts to stay the same. Start to be aware of your thought processes, so you can learn to change them.